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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


School Improvement Plan 2017-18

The school has adopted 3  priorities for this academic year. They are: 

Priority 1

To improve writing and maths outcomes, in particular for boys and disadvantaged children

We aim to ensure that all pupils make good or outstanding progress from their personal starting point.  This year we wish to build on the progress made last year by improving results in writing so that they are at least in line with national and county standards.  Whilst all children are targeted, girls currently attain higher standards than boys (as they do nationally and across Hampshire) and through curriculum design and subtle teaching strategies,  writing outcomes for all children should improve. 

Priority 2

To develop the effectiveness of our support and interventions for SEN and lower attaining pupils ensuring they make above average progress.

The school has an outstanding new Inclusion Leader, Mrs Davies, and together this year we are driving to ensure that every child who has additional support receives the right intervention, that this is monitored and reviewed regularly, with parents and professionals, and that every adult has the highest of expectations. Teachers will plan more effectively to close gaps and as a school we will support staff in improving their own subject knwledge to do this. 

Priority 3

To develop an outstanding new curriculum in line with our vision. 

Specifically this includes: 

  1. High academic attainment in Science
  2. Developing creativity in Music
  3. Competition, active play and high quality coaching in PE
  4. Outstanding school environment