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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


School Improvement Plan 2018-19

The school has adopted 4  priorities for this academic year. They are: 

Priority 1

Raise standards in writing and maths for all pupils so that progress is above national and county average.

We aim to ensure that all pupils make good or outstanding progress from their personal starting point.  This year we wish to build on the progress made last year, especially in writing so that they the progress made is embedded and levels of progress when compared to similar schools with similar intakes is at least the same, if not better. This is also the case in Maths and is being supported by Mrs Robson (Maths Leader) and Miss Collis (Deputy Head) working alongside other schools in a Maths Hub to raise their own professional understanding and consequently the provision here at Mayhill.

Priority 2

To develop the effectiveness of our support and intervention for disadvantaged pupils, including those with SEN, ensuring they make above average progress.

Any child who is disadvantaged should be targeted for support so that the disadvantage does not impair on their ability to attain high standards. This year at Mayhill, we are reviewing our planning, approaches and impact of interventions to ensure these children make at least as good progress as non-disadvantaged children.

Priority 3

To develop an outstanding new curriculum in line with our vision. 

Specifically this includes: 

  1. High academic attainment in Science
  2. Developing creativity in Music and Art
  3. Redefine school values and define steps to success. Integrate this fully into our curriculum.
  4. Outstanding school learning environment

Priority 4

To support high quality professional leadership development  

Mayhill has a strong senior Leadership team made up of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, English, Maths and Inclusion Leader. Together we ensure we achieve the priorities set out in our school improvement plan. This year, we are aiming to provide a range of leadership challenges for our senior team to ensure their own professional development continues to grow and develop. These include NQT mentoring, working towards becoming a lead Maths school through the Maths Hub and working collaboratively with other schools.