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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


School Improvement Plan 2019-2020

The school has adopted 3  priorities for this academic year. They are: 

Priority 1

Raise standards in maths for all pupils so that progress is above national and county average.

We aim to ensure that all pupils make good or outstanding progress from their personal starting point. Whilst we continue to achieve standards in line with or higher than National in Maths, this year we wish to build on the progress made last year so that progress made is embedded and levels of progress when compared to similar schools with similar intakes is at least the same, if not better. 

Priority 2

To embed the Mayhill habits throughout our curriculum and home learning so that children make meaningful progress in each one.

Our 6 Mayhill habits underpin the whole of our curriculum. Refreshed last year, we are now seeking to ensure that: 

• Children can articulate and self-assess their own strengths and areas for development against the Mayhill habits
• Curriculum planning successfully supports personal development of the habits
• Parents support the school in helping their child develop in the Mayhill habits

Priority 3

Progress in foundation subjects is evidenced through clear assessment systems and strong subject leadership.

We are very proud of our curriculum offer the progress children make in a variety of ways. This year we are seeking to further improve: 

• SMSC provision so that it is localised, targeted and successful in developing reflective, active and culturally aware pupils
• Our assessment systems in foundation subjects have a quick and direct impact on improving pupil outcomes
•Teachers and HLTAs extend their subject knowledge, provided by our subject leaders, some of whom are new to subject leadership.