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Mayhill Junior School


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Year 3

Long term Curriculum Overview for Year 3 - click here.

How is English taught at Mayhill? 

Here is an example of a Learning Journey in English from Year 3. Children all access the same high quality text which is then used to inspire and model a writing outcome. A Learning Journey provides children with approximately 3 weeks working towards a single piece of writing, ensuring all of their grammar and punctuation is purposeful and individual pupil targets are developed. Quality over quantity is prioritised, with time provided for editing, redrafting, publishing and self-reflection. 

How is Maths taught at Mayhill? 

This will most likely be similar to either Buryfields or your previous school. Maths is taught discreetly except where there are natural cross-curricular links. In Year 3, there is a greater focus on mental fluency and understanding place value and children are supported to become more independent in their work. 

To support your child, here is the Year 3 Maths Target sheet: click here

Trips and Workshops

Trips and workshops play a significant part in ensuring all of our children are excited about their topics and that the learning comes to life. If you would like support with payment, contact the school office or Mr May to discuss a range of options. Details of the trips and workshops can be found on the Long term Curriculum Overview at the top of the page. 

Y3 Residential

Each year, we invite the Year 3 children to come for a sleepover in the school hall. For many children, this is their first night away from home and helps provide a stepping stone to longer residential experiences in other years. 

Y3 Homework

At Mayhill we see the purpose of home learning as the following:

  • Consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths.
  • Exploiting resources for learning of all kinds at home and developing the learning environment from the school to home.
  • Encouraging pupils, as they get older to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school.

For more detailed information, see the Home Learning Policy.