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Mayhill Junior School


Junior School


Year 3 Transition Survey

1) Do you think your child has settled in well at Mayhill?
2) Did you receive all the information you needed at the right time to prepare your child for their start at Mayhill?
 12345Didn't attend
3) Did you find the New Parent Tours held in June helpful?
 12345Didn't attend
4) Did you find the Meet the Teacher session held in September helpful?
 12345Not applicable
5) If your child has SEN and/or benefited from additional transition arrangements, how successfully do you feel these have been? (New 1-1 support, parent meetings, readiness for first day etc.)
7) Do you feel comfortable discussing any problems or concerns with your child’s class teacher and know how to communicate any worries or concerns?
8) This year we are looking for ways to use social media to our celebrate events and achievements in school. Which type are you most likely to access? (facebook, twitter, Instagram)*

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.