Tom Cowd

Co-opted Governor / Health and Safety Advisor

Bringing a different perspective to the table, my aspiration to serve as a school governor at Mayhill Junior School is driven by my background as a Chartered Construction Manager and the transferable skills I believe that brings. While my professional journey has predominantly been in construction, I recognise the impact of education on our community’s future.

My decision to become a school governor is rooted in the belief that my project management skills can be effectively translated to education. I aim to contribute by providing strategic insights, collaborating on resource allocation, and ensuring the school’s infrastructure aligns with its educational goals.

As a member of the local community, I understand the integral role that schools play in shaping young minds and the community’s well-being. By collaborating with teachers, parents, and fellow governors, I am committed to driving positive change, enhancing learning environments, and promoting a strong sense of belonging for every student at Mayhill Junior School.