Wonderful Wisley

First thing in the morning, we set off from school to hit the road on the coach to Wisley gardens. Although there was traffic, we got there in a good amount of time and it didn’t seem to take us too long. When we got to there it was pretty soggy. Yes it was wet, annoyingly, but we had much fun looking at many different types of plants and trees. The two classes split up and went their separate ways to focus on the similarities and differences between the temperate biome and the rainforest biome. We explored the temperate forest (a normal forest to us) to look at the shapes of the leaves as well as the height of the trees and their positioning. Lots of our classmates could make a whistling sound using grass, which was really hard for us.

Did you know:

The roots of trees spread as wide as the trees canopy.

After lunch, we got to go into the glass house, we had fun the plants with tropical colours. I wish we could all explore it again, to find more about this lovely environment. While we were in their we compare the tropical plants to the plants we had seen outside, we noticed that the leaves in the rainforest biome were much bigger than those outside in the temperate forest they also looked like they were made from plastic (they weren’t).

Written by Bobby and Tom (edited by Mrs Ray)