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Covid 19 Update / Home School Learning

This page will be updated regularly by the Headteacher. 

29th March

I hope you have managed to enjoy something a bit more akin to a normal weekend before another week of home school begins. 

This week's theme is 'Your Local Area' and there are some suggested activities available for each year group  in the Learning Projects. If you prefer, feel free to stray away from the ideas and follow your child's interests around this topic - this is a unique opportunity to engage them in the week's timetable. 

In the newsletter at the end of this week, we will provide a full list of really useful online resources that you might be unaware of to help over the Easter holidays. Equally, if you have found any your child loves, do let us know. 

After Easter, the Home Learning Projects will begin to direct your child to the kind of curriculum content they would otherwise have been doing, but tailored for parents so that it is as independently accessible as possible. More on this at the end of the week. 

Do have a lovely week and remember to call the school if there is anything we can help you with. 

27th March

If your financial circumstances have changed significantly due to the impact of the coronavirus and you are applicable for universal credit please let us know as you may then be entitled to Free School Meals. This means that whilst school is closed you would be in receipt of £3 per meal that your child would normally be having in school, i.e. £15 per week which we are providing in the form of supermarket e-vouchers. If you would like to ask any questions please email the office at, or you can call the school. The link for applications can be found here.

For those children who are coming into school, please be assured we are following the latest government guidelines to ensure their safety, as outlined here.

26th March: Maths Update 

Times Tables Rockstars
I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who have been supporting their children in playing on TTRS this week in these unprecedented circumstances. It is an invaluable tool to keep children engaged and practising their times tables regularly. As it stands, 77% of the children in the school are logging in. I’d love to see that rise even further in the next few weeks. Please contact your child’s class teacher or myself via the admin email address if you have any issues logging in. 
The website is experiencing a very high volume of traffic due to the new isolation rules and so is working a little slower than normal at times. Please bear with it, the developers are boosting capacity as much as they can.
Telling the time- A quick plea from Mrs Robson!
If you have time during your day, please could we encourage you to help your child/ren to tell the time. This is one of the maths skills we know many children struggle with (especially in years 3 and 4) and if approached regularly and within the daily routine, children can pick it up quickly. If you are aware that your child is struggling to use an analogue clock, please could we ask that you regularly ask them what time it is throughout the day and help them to see how lengths of time string together to create intervals. A few tips for encouraging this within your household are;
  1. Continuously tell them the time at first, referring to how you know this (it is half past ten, the minute hand is on the 6 and the hour hand is half way past the ten). 
  2. Then start asking your child what the time is throughout the day.
  3. Ask them how long until lunch/break times.
  4. Ask them to make a timetable that includes timings, so they can refer back to this when working out the time.
  5. Explain and show them that the clock contains 60 minutes and that at the end of these 60, we move into the next hour. You can then start to introduce that 60 seconds = 1minute and 60 minutes = 1 hour. 
These are just a few ways to help your child, there are many more out there on the internet to begin with if you’re stuck. Please feel free to show your child’s class teacher on Seesaw if you feel you’ve had a break through with your child telling the time. Thank you for your support in this, it’s a skill that needs constant repetition and real life context so we’d appreciate your efforts if at all possible. 
Many thanks and stay safe,
Amy Robson,  Maths Leader.

25th March

I hope everyone is well. Today we had nine pupils in school, the third day numbers are significantly lower than anticipated which is good, and means I can now lower the numbers staff needed in school. On Friday, we will send our weekly newsletter with the pupil of the week identified and some lovely updates from the children - look out for it! In the meantime, a few important updates for those parents who are still sending their child in:

  • From tomorrow (26th March) children will only be able to order picnic lunches. Our aim is reduce the amount of time necessary for cooks to be in school. 
  • For parents whose children are eligible for FSM, e-vouchers for Tescos have arrived in school and we will be distributing these tomorrow. If you have not yet received them by 2.00pm, please contact the school office. 
  • Please can I remind parents that if your child is coming in to school, it might be a good idea to ask them to get changed as soon as they arrive home and then wash their clothes. 
  • No SCL provision until further notice. 
Lining up now looks a little different, especially 2m apart! 

23rd March

I hope you are all well and have survived Day one! First day back, with 13 pupils attending school. 

We have had a few calls regarding accessing free school meals. Hopefully all parents will now have received a letter from us with two options, if you could reply to this by emailing the school we will be able to work on the best plan for your family as soon as possible. 

Parents might also be aware, that the Government is requesting schools to remain open during Easter. This is something we are starting to work on by liaising with other local schools and working through all the options; it is most likely we will let you know by the end of the week. 

And finally, if you are sending your child to school, and would like to still access services from SCL for wrap around care, please could make contact with them asap. Without the sufficient numbers it is likely they will be unable to sustain this facility for parents until we return fully.

19th March

Today has been a day waiting for answers, especially in regards to who the Government is defining as a key worker. I have written a letter to parents with further information in should you think this applies to you. 

This afternoon, I met with the Headteacher from Buryfields  and together we are really confident we can help support any family who will meet the eligibility soon to be set out by the Government. My staff here continue to amaze me. They have all worked so hard on producing some great home learning packs ready for next week and beyond (these will be available over the weekend) and by setting up SeeSaw, are hopefully helping to keep the children engaged in their learning. As the school closure begins, many of them will still be in school in order to support pupils who need 1:1 support, or to lead sessions, or change summer term bookings.  

My thoughts are also with those families who may have a partner currently serving abroad, as if things are not already tough enough. I am waiting on news from RAF Odiham about the plans they are putting in place and am hopeful I can react to them tomorrow. 

Do look after yourselves and remember school staff remain available through email to answer and support all families with any aspects of home learning over the next few weeks. All emails should be sent to the and we will forward them to the best person. 

18th March: Following Government advice, the school will be closed from 3.15pm on Friday 20th March. We will provide further information in how we will support key workers and vulnerable pupils as more information is provided. 

Tonight, our staff watched the announcement together and are committed to supporting all of our families over the next weeks, or even months. In the short term, over the next two days, we will be working hard to support your child in being ready for home learning by helping them be confident in the online VLE.  

17th March

  A short update toady. We can now confirm the following decisions have been made: 

  • This will be the final week for clubs, including those run by external providers. There will be no clubs after school next week. This includes Maths booster sessions before school.
  • Temporarily stopping parent volunteers until further notice or parent invites to performances e.g. Rock Steady or violin assemblies etc. 
  • Individual music lessons will continue until the end of term. 
  • Packs of work are available on our website under the 'Home Learning Resources
  • SCL continue to provide wrap-around care for those families that need it. 

16th March

Letter from HT attached. 

  • There is a new page: Home Learning Resources under the 'Curriculum' tab
  • The 'Supporting your child' page, also under 'Curriculum' has been updated. 

13th March

With the latest guidance in mind, we have decided to make a few changes to forthcoming events. The Science trip to London and the Curriculum Exhibition, both on 2nd April are being postponed. Within school, teachers and learning support staff will be ensuring that there is an appropriate amount  of online/digital work for children to access in the event of self-isolations, partial or full closures.

However, it is important to stress that Mayhill remains open and we look forward to seeing your child in school on Monday. Should any parent have concerns that their child is showing any signs or symptoms, i.e. my child has a cough, we would ask you call or email public health, or the Government advice line (number below) before asking the school whether you should bring them in. 

Today, RMS have issued a statement which we fully support: 

School closures have a direct impact on NHS workers’ ability to remain in work, emergency services, police and other essential services. There is a risk that older people who could be more vulnerable to Covid-19 would be carrying the burden of childcare, as grandparents, if key workers cannot stay at home. This is not desirable. 

Our aim is to ensure that our students’ education and wellbeing  is at the centre of all major decisions. We thank all our families for supporting us with this aim. 

12th March

This evening the Government have issued new advice which I'm sure many of you may have seen: Anyone with a "new, continuous" cough or a high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for seven days. We are also continuing to follow the advice that schools are not advised to shut.

As you will be aware, the situation is constantly evolving and we are doing all that we can to ensure our visitors, staff, pupils and their families remain as safe as possible.  

At Mayhill, there are no families who have informed us they are self-islolating and we are still recommending your child comes in. Clearly, if they do start to show any symptoms, we would ask you to communicate with us before  sending them in.  Today the media has also reported that some schools are preparing to close early, as is the case in Ireland, but currently we have no plans to close.  Should it be necessary, we will let you know and there will be support and work available online. 

Useful Links

Government helpline:

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

The Government action plan can be found here:

How to wash your hands video to share with your child: