At Mayhill we want to ensure we encourage mathematically fluent children who show a ‘Have a go’ attitude towards maths. Every child is a mathematician and through the use of quality first teaching in the classroom, Times Tables Rock Stars online and maths homework sent home weekly we aim to build children’s confidence in becoming mathematically confident. We use the NCETM and The Surrey Maths Hub to support our teachers and leaders to ensure good practice is embedded throughout the school.

We use a linear curriculum to ensure that each unit builds on the previous unit. All year groups start their learning with place value in September and then move to addition & subtraction before moving on to the more detailed study which utilises understanding of place value and addition & subtraction to build. We follow the scheme of ‘Power Maths’ which involves splitting the lessons up into manageable pieces so that children understand each step before moving on. The lessons are taught using an ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach. Meaning the teacher will model a concept, allow the children to have a go in pairs or groups and then have a go on their own. This helps the children to feel supported in learning new concepts but also grasp new ideas quickly and feel they have sufficient time to practice independently once confident.

We understand the necessity for maths as they journey past Mayhill and want to ensure we support learners who can see that maths is an integral skill to be able to utilise in the wider world. We have worked with Robert May’s to ensure that the methods used at Mayhill are consistent (at least to begin with in y7) with what is expected at KS3.

NSPCC Number Day 2024

Wow! What an amazing effort the children have made for this year’s Number Day? Have a look at some of our costumes. Can you spot the numbers they are dressed as?

Children across the school worked on internet safety and maths activities and of course played on TTRS to be a part of the NSPCC Rocks competition that closes at 7:30pm tonight. Thank you so much for all of your kind donations for the NSPCC-such an important charity for our children.