School Meals


School meals cost £3.00 per day per child.  We ask that all school meals are paid for in advance by online payment (not cash).  Each child’s dinner account will be required to have a minimum £12 credit per week.  This will allow your child to order a meal each day.  

To view the choice of what they can eat, please visit this 

Children order their own lunches at registration each morning.  Payments should be made online wherever possible (you can also view your account balance and meals your child has taken).  Please limit payment with cash or cheque via the school office, as we are restricted with our banking options.  Any balance will remain on your child’s account and will be refunded when they leave Mayhill.  All balances at the end of terms will be carried forward to the next term.

Free meals are available if on Income Support (confidential advice is available from the school office).

Children eat their lunch in the school hall on a rota system.  In warmer weather children may eat packed lunches outside.

Packed Lunches

To encourage healthy eating and become eco-friendly, we ask children to bring in a balanced packed lunch which uses as little packaging as possible and that can be reused.

Breaktime Snacks

As a school we do try to promote healthy eating.  As such we strongly encourage parents to only send in healthy snacks or fruit for morning break and ask that no chocolate bars or crisps are included.

To make retrieval of snacks a lot easier, we would also request that they are not put into your children’s lunchbox but put into their school bag instead.

As we have children with nut allergies we ask that peanut butter, nut bars and nuts are not brought into school.

We also encourage children to bring a water bottle to school.  They are allowed to be kept in the classroom throughout the day and can be refilled at the water fountain. 

Free School Meals

Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) has an online service so parents can check their eligibility for free school meals themselves.

This self-service option is available by clicking here

Please note that the criteria for free school meals is the same, regardless of method of checking eligibility, but for the online service, all you need to do is enter your name, national insurance number or asylum number, your address and your child’s details. Press submit and you will find out if you are eligible.

If your result comes back found, this means your child is eligible for free school meals and the system automatically tells your school.

Please click here for more information on this catering service.

School Lunch Menu

Please click on the link below to view the current menu:

Special Diets

If your child requires a special diet, please see below