Mayhill Vision and Habits

Our Vision

At Mayhill Junior School, our vision is to create a safe learning environment where children make lasting      memories, grow together, and develop a love for learning. We foster a sense of community, encouraging collaboration and support amongst our families, children and staff.  Our dedicated team nurture personal and academic growth, by igniting curiosity and a passion for discovery through our ambitious curriculum. Through this whole school holistic approach, underpinned by the Mayhill habits, we aim to empower our children to become lifelong learners who cherish their education and thrive as they grow.

Our Habits

We believe that children learn best when they can learn about their own learning. The more they are able to reflect on the way their mind works, the more they can learn to make conscious decisions based on these reflections. At Mayhill, we believe it is our role to help develop these positive characteristics and attributes alongside knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. Due to this, we created the Mayhill habits and have embedded them throughout our school. They are built into our vocabulary, our lesson design and underpin our behaviour policy.

Our habits are:

1 – Independenceindividuality, organisation, self-awareness.To make our own choices to allow us to succeed.
2 – Critical Thinkingcuriosity, reasoning, questioning.To stretch our own minds and push ourselves and others further.
3 – Collaborationpatience, helpfulness, compromise.To work together to combine ideas.
4 – Resilienceflexibility, confidence, facing challenges. To keep trying even when I am finding it hard.
5 – Communicationhonesty, explaining, active listeningTo connect with others by sharing our thoughts and ideas
6 – Respectkindness, responsibility, accepting differences. To look after the people and world around us.