Mayhill is a non-denominational mixed Junior School serving the needs of children from 7 to 11 years of age (Key Stage Two).  There are usually about 250 on the roll, though the movement of Service families means that the number of children can vary.  To be eligible for admission a child must have attained the age of at least 7 years, on or before 31st August, in the year of entry.  To be within the designated catchment area of the school, the child must reside in the parishes of Odiham or Greywell.  This is also the designated school for children who live in the Potbridge area, and at RAF Odiham. Children from out of catchment are welcome to apply but it may depend on year-on-year pupil numbers as to whether there is space.

Children normally attend Mayhill Junior School until the end of the summer term of the year in which they are 11, on or before 31st August, when they transfer to a secondary school. Robert May’s is the designated secondary school for Odiham children.

Admissions for Service Families

Hampshire Local Authority have created a guide to school admissions for service children in Hampshire schools. We hope you find it useful. Should you have any queries, please do call the school office.

In-Year Admissions