Who’s Who

We are fortunate that we have an amazing team at Mayhill with an array of wonderful talents. Please see the staffing structure for 2023-2024

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Sarah McGillivray – Headteacher.
  • Miss Emma Collis- Deputy Head.
  • Mrs Tanya Hall- Inclusion manager (4 days)
  • Mrs Barbara Duncan- Business Manager

Year 3 Team

Browne Class

  • Mr Andrew Barry- Year Group Leader, English

Potter Class

  • Mrs Jessica Ray- History

Support Staff Team

  • Mrs Jo Browne
  • Mrs Kay Frampton
  • Mrs Nicky Heine
  • Mrs Andrea Mills
  • Mrs Gillian Norris

Year 4 Team

Dahl Class

  • Miss Sally Scholes- Year Group Leader, Science, Mental Health

Donaldson Class

  • Mrs Cathy Lavers- RE
  • Mrs Emma Collis- PSHE

Support Staff Team

  • Mrs Nicky Baldwin
  • Miss Nicole Clutton
  • Mrs Charlotte Hayes

Year 5 Team

Carrol Class

  • Mrs Amy Robson- Year Group Leader, Maths

Lewis Class

  • Mrs Laura Allen- Geography, Mental Health

Support Staff Team

  • Mrs Lorraine Bland
  • Mrs Jan Goldsworthy

Year 6 Team

Blackman Class

  • Mrs Lizzy McLaughlin- Year Group Leader, Creative Arts, School Council

Tolkien Class

  • Miss Victoria Argent- Computing, MFL, Mayhill Habits

Support Staff Team

  • Mrs Suzanne Ball
  • Mrs Caroline Smith

Whole School

  • Mr Edwards – Leadership cover and PPA cover across the school (Tuesday – Friday) & PE
  • Mrs Kellie – HLTA – am Mon-Weds yr6; Thurs & Fri yr 3 – pm cover across the school
  • Miss Hicks – ELSA across the school
  • Mrs Kettle – Canine Assisted Learning across the school

Support Staff across the school

  • Mrs Duncan – Business Manager
  • Mrs McCorry – Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Mr Dewhurst – IT technician
  • Mr McLaughlin – Caretaker
  • Mrs Etherington – Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Ms Stevens – Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Tunstell – Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Webster – Lunchtime Supervisor