School Improvement Plan

The school has adopted 4 priorities for this academic year and a safeguarding priority. They are:

Priority 1 – To improve progress and attainment of all children in Reading, Writing & Maths in-line with their KS1 data.


Attainment has always been a strength at Mayhill and well above National. However, progress against KS1 data is currently negative especially for our SEN and Pupil Premium pupils. The following actions against this objective are intended to improve progress measures for all pupils in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Priority 2 – To ensure that the curriculum is ambitious and sequential for all learners including SEN and disadvantaged pupils.


Due to  catch up curriculum, post pandemic changes and staff mobility, the curriculum has been disjointed. Senior leaders to work with subject leaders to revisit progression documents and overviews to ensure a more sequential approach. If the curriculum is sequential and teachers have  high expectations, all pupils will be motivated and make good progress across the curriculum.

Priority 3 – To develop leaders at all levels to strengthen their capacity within school in line with Mayhill’s vision.


A large proportion of class teachers are experienced and have the capacity to develop as leaders in line with Mayhill’s vision. The key responsibilities and requirements for all leaders is being developed to strengthen this objective alongside professional development for all. Review the use of curriculum IT packages to enhance teaching and learning.

Priority 4 – To further develop an ethos of positive mental health and wellbeing for pupils and staff.


All staff and pupils feel safe on site and a whole school safeguarding ethos is established and embedded. All staff feel empowered and successful in becoming the best practitioners that they can be whilst well-being is considered a priority by all. All pupils feel happy and inspired to achieve their best at school.

Safeguarding Priority – To maintain a safe environment for all pupils.

For further detail about our strategic vision, please view it below.