Mayhill Heroes

This year, we have made some exciting changes to the way we support our military children. One of these changes is a committee approach instead of a single point of contact. This allows your child to have support from adults in both upper and lower school. Together, we will be running the Mayhill Heroes club, coffee mornings, themed days and much more.

One of our focuses this year, is to build stronger links with the military community and our school. Mrs Ray will be leading the committee and will be ensuring the committee make Mayhill the best it can be for our service children.

What we do for our Mayhill Heroes

  • As a new military starter, children will receive a ‘Reading force scrapbook’.
  • Mayhill Heroes Club – Monthly club run by the military committee. A place to catch up with other military children.
  • Time available with Mrs Baldwin (ELSA) and Mrs Kettle if parents are deployed.
  • If leaving the school due to a posting, the child will receive a leaver’s pack where they can ask people for messages as a memory of Mayhill.
  • Activities to support children with deployed parents

Who are we?


We are aware that deployment can be a difficult time for the family and can come suddenly or with warning.  

Please do let us know if there is a deployment and we will be able to have check-ins with your child.

There is a form, which can be found on the Mayhill website or please do give the office a call to inform them. They will then pass this onto the committee as well as the class teacher. This year, we are working on setting up an online form so that you can inform us digitally if a parent is being deployed. We have a new website launching in October- watch this space!

Events held by the committee

  • Red, White, Blue day – to raise money for a military charity.
  • Camo Day – Usually held in the summer. An opportunity for the children to engage in military activities
  • Parent Coffee afternoons


When you get notified of an upcoming deployment, please complete this form so we can best support your child.

Email of deployed parent for opportunities to receive an email from your child
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Is there anything you feel we should know whilst you are deployed?