All About Wudu

In Mayhill, the Year 6 children had a RE day. They learned about different rituals and what the difference was between a ritual and a routine and what the concept of them was. They mainly looked at the different rituals Muslims have and why they are so important to their faith. Next, they thought about, why do Muslims preform the ritual Wudu and how they would feel if parts of that ritual were removed? After that they had to draw a diagram of the order of what the ritual Wudu was and each step you had to do to respectfully complete the method. Finally, they had to think about how you would feel if one of your favourite rituals were to be banned, they mainly had to think about Christmas, Halloween, going trick or treating, blowing out candles and birthdays. All of this revolves around the golden thread of community.

– Written by Molly Crichton (Tolkien Class)