Bready, Set, Go!

Year 6 have started the year off, as always, with our enterprise project- to create a new, artisan bread company.

We will:

  • research existing bread products
  • design and make bread after taste testing existing products and field market research
  • create a brand (including company name, ethos, logo and website)
  • pitch our new product to parents and a panel of judges

We have started this by creating our companies and conducting some market research in class and on the playground. Our favourite lesson so far has been taste-testing a variety of breads without knowing what they were. We had to rate them based on their appearance, aroma, texture and taste. Then, we created hedonic stars to see which was the favourite bread of each company.

We tasted:

  • GF Tiger bread
  • GF Seeded
  • GF Cinnamon & Raisin
  • Wholemeal
  • Cheese Loaf
  • Olive Loaf

We can’t wait to continue this project and invite you to our Food Festival on Wednesday 22nd November