Come to Mayhill!

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading The Promise by Nicola Davies and discussing the fantastic illustrations and storyline. To begin with, we made predictions about what it we thought the book would be about, using the front cover and blurb to help us. As the book has many adventurous vocabulary choices, we spent some time developing our own word reading strategies to ensure that we were reading accurately. After that, the children received a letter from Mrs McGillivray that challenged them to write a letter to persuade the children at Buryfields to come to Mayhill. But, before they had the chance of writing it, we explored different sentence types and the use of conjunctions to show when, where or why. When it came to the final write the children had to read their work carefully to check for spelling and punctuation errors. Once they were happy with their final letter, the children had the opportunity to read their letters to the Year 2s.