Cricket with Chance to Shine

On the Monday 8th January, Year Five had their first session of cricket. The main skill we practiced was throwing and catching on our own, then in partners. To finish off, we did a running game. Each pair tried to get as many runs as possible in the time that the other pairs completed 20 throws and catches. Monday 15th January, our second session of cricket, we started off by bouncing a ball on our hand like a cricket bat and the high score was 32. Then we played a batting and fielding game in teams which was very fun. On the 22nd of January, we had another session and the first game we played was a game of cricket where we had 2 people as batters 1 as wicket keeper and the rest of us were fielders. Monday 29th January our 4th (second to last) session of cricket we were very excited to start off with a throwing where 1 person threw the ball and the others had to catch it. The last game we played was aiming at the cones and getting all of them on the stumps. For our last session, we played 2 games called ‘Cricket tennis’ and ‘Diamond Cricket’ which were very fun.

We loved our sessions with Chance to Shine Cricket and we hope we can do them next year!

By Andres, Florence, Lucy, Maiya and Tilly