Musical Elements

In Year 3 this half term, we have been learning about the different musical elements (these are the ingredients that make up a piece of music). We will need to know all of these as we continue our music journey at Mayhill so to help us remember them, we have learnt a song.

We performed the song in groups to Mrs McLaughlin (creative arts lead), who then gave each class feedback.

Every group sung with confidence and excellent pitch (the correct notes that fit the backing track).The change in dynamics when singing, ‘Dynamics can go with a BANG, or sound as quietly as they can’ were very controlled and carefully thought about to reflect the meaning of the musical element.” – Potter class.

The whole class sung a cappella (without a backing track) with confidence and good pitch (the correct notes that fit the tune). Every performer was actively involved and showed collaboration brilliantly when you sung as a large ensemble, as well as singing as a large class ensemble.” – Browne class.

In this video, a group of children, from Potter class, are singing the second verse.