Natural Disasters

In geography we have been learning about natural disasters.  We did some research on what different natural disasters there are such as tsunamis, tornados and hurricanes. We also learnt how you know a tsunami is coming, if the tide goes really far out. We learnt what the difference is between a hurricane and a tornado, the difference is that a hurricane is much bigger and stronger than a tornado. Tornados can be a lot of different weather either all at the same time or just 1 or 2. We also learnt about tectonic plates and how they are related to volcanos and them erupting. We looked at where the world is most at risk to earthquakes such as Japan Argentina and New Zealand. We also learnt about Japan and how they are very good at protecting themselves. We made buildings out of marshmallows and spaghetti to see if we are as good as Japan at making earthquake-resistant structures. When we shook the table underneath, some fell down, some wobbled a bit and some stayed still! One group even made cushioning underneath which made it even stabler. The next week we made a map of where some famous earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions happened.

By Andres, Florence, Lucy, Maiya, Tilly

This shows the likelihood of an earthquake.

Red means there is a high chance high of it happening  

 white means it is not likely to happen