Poems in English and guided reading

For this Learning Journey we are reading a poem collection called ‘Belonging Street’ but mainly “Extinct” by Mandy Coe.  In Guided Reading, we read a poem called “New Foal” by Ted Hughes to help us with the main poem. At the end of the week, in English, we wrote a haiku about an endangered animal. A haiku is a poem with 17 syllables in total, in the pattern of 5 syllables then 7 syllables then 5 syllables.  On the week commencing 22nd April, we looked at a new poem in Guided Reading, called ‘Poem of Earth’s Cry’. This is also by Mandy Coe. In English, we expanded our knowledge on figurative language. We looked at a video of Joseph Coelho – the current Children’s Laureate – making a poem about a statue. We also looked at some pictures and used similes and metaphors to describe them.

The next lesson, we looked at a text about climate change and wrote using figurative language. Our descriptions will help us to write a poem at the end of the week.

Finally, we wrote the poems it was a bit hard to add all our ideas in as we had as we had so many good ideas but in the end, they all turned out great.


Andres, Florence, Lucy, Maiya, Tilly