Science Week at Mayhill

The week commencing 8th March, we celebrated British Science Week at Mayhill. Each year there is a different theme, and this week it was Time. On the Monday, Miss Scholes (head of science) held an assembly demonstrating some scientific experiments using ingredients you can find in your cupboards at home. Each class also had a Masked Scientist which they learnt all about leading up to our science assembly. Some classes got famous people like Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking but others got less known ones like George Washington Carver, who was an agricultural scientist who was also known as the Peanut Man since he found many uses for peanuts. This is because he used crop rotation and found that peanuts were good at replenishing nutrients in the soil.

Back in class, experimented with pendulums which was REALLY difficult. Our challenge was to make the pendulum swing for exactly 60 seconds then stop completely. Everybody tried their hardest although nobody managed to get it precisely right.

The next lesson was slightly different. We had to do a certain number of swings in a certain amount of time. This was a real challenge but almost everyone managed it.

We all enjoyed Science Week and can’t wait for next year!

By Andres, Florence, Lucy, Maiya and Tilly