Year 5&6 had a trip to Stubbington Study Centre. When we arrived, we had a look around the Centre before going to the Snuffle Hole for lunch. DID YOU KNOW? The Snuffle Hole got its name because when a badger makes a hole to get earthworms (yummy), it is called a snuffle hole. Then, we walked down to the beach and learnt lots about the history of the area. Everybody was super excited to have their second Stubbington meal, and for supper, we had the world-famous Stubby Biscuit! Then, the part we were all waiting for… BEDTIME! The next morning, we all woke up, ready for the day ahead. Every day we had something really exciting planned. Some would say the last day was their favourite! We played Stubbington Fox in the forest.

Thank you Stubbington! We’d love to go back.

By Andres , Florence, Lucy ,Maiya and Tilly