The Island

At the start of our Learning Journey, we always make a prediction of what we think might happen in the story. We looked at the front cover and blurb to predict about the man and villagers. In our next lesson, we looked at the picture of the man and read the first page. Then we wrote questions we would ask him and words to describe him, including his appearance and emotions. Next, we wrote about him from one of the islanders’ points of view and then put it into a monologue. On the 4th of March we did our plan and wrote some bullet point to help us when it comes to making the end product. We wrote done what we want to include in our introductions, 2nd ,3rd and maybe 4th paragraph then any extra information we what to add. As we are writing a newspaper report we have to learn what we need to add in a newspaper report. We have written it on a computer as the finished product.