Through the Wardrobe…

In Year 6, we are writing a story in past tense about Lucy Pevensie discovering a mysterious wardrobe and finding out the secrets that are involved behind it. We had to draw a lamppost in art to go with our English work that would go up on display. We had to complete different steps to build up our lamppost techniques to make it really detailed. We all had to do it on a A5 white piece of paper, so then we could stick it on another piece of blue A5 paper to get ready to publish and stick them up onto the wall for people to see. Everyone had to write as we were imagining the situation of being in Narnia like Lucy Pevensie touching the metallic black lamppost. While our teacher played the short clip of a brief idea of Narnia, up until Lucy touches the lamppost, we took down some important notes to help us with our English work to make it easier to understand and bring our writing to life.

Amelie and Nia- Tolkien Class