Year 3’s Rocking Start

Our Year 3s left no stone unturned when they discovered Mrs McGillivray’s office had been left a mess by a mysterious box. The children used excellent critical thinking skills to unpick what each item may have been used for and what it was made from to try to decide who may have left the box. They all discovered very quickly that a lot of the items were made from either stone or parts of an animal which made them think that the items may have been ancient. As we slowly unpicked what we knew, they were able to identify that the items came from the Stone Age which helped reveal this half term’s History topic.

How did life change between the Neolithic and the Iron Age?

Talking about stones, in science, the children have started to be able to identify different types of rocks; metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. They have been able to have a hands-on experience to help them identify the different properties of them, this has helped them discover what type of rocks fossils form in. I wonder if they can impress with their knowledge?

If History and Science, isn’t their favourite, maybe we can turn them into rock and roll stars as they have been learning all about the musical elements. These are the key ingredients that help make music. The children have been learning a song which they will be performing in groups to Mrs McLaughlin. They have had complete independence within their groups, deciding how they want to sing it as well as the actions to go with the lyrics. Keep your eyes peeled as we will hopefully be posting some on the Year 3 blog next week.