You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Gladiator!

“Handy hint: If you get injured, you must visit the school’s excellent doctor. He’ll dress your wounds and then you’ll be ready to carry on training. “

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the most dreadful day of my life. This is what happened.

First I arrived at an unusual looking place, I had a bad feeling about it. When I entered, the big, iron gates slammed shut behind me. If I hadn’t moved out the way they would have squashed me! I had just arrived at a Ludus Gladiatorius to learn how to be a gladiator. The first thing I had to do was sit ups and push ups with aching arms and not stopping. The trainer was very bossy and if you did anything wrong you would be punished. I had butterflies in my tummy.

Written by Hattie

Last week, Year 3 was transported back in time to start their gladiator training. They were shocked when their caring teachers transformed into lanistas also known as ‘butchers’, even Mrs MsGillivray was a little concerned when she walked past the hall to hear shouting and children doing press ups and sit ups. This activity allowed the children to imagine what men would have felt and thought when they first arrived at gladiator school.